Lee, a web developer



I am a web developer from Toronto, Canada. To get a better understanding of what I do in that capacity, it's best to look through the courses that I've taught detailed below and my past work.

I learned how to be a web developer from Humber College's post-graduate Web Development program, an intensive 1 year simulation program that trains students to be a fullstack web developer by completing large-scale projects.

Shortly after graduating that program, at 26 I became one of its instructors teaching the very courses that I went through.

You can explore the wonderful result of the program through my GitHub followers, my former students, many of whom have fantastic work on display and working in the industry.

The courses that I've taught at Humber. They are officially listed here under "courses". Course content subject to change every year:

  • HTTP-5101 Web Application Development 1

    An introductory course into backend development using ASP.NET Web Forms. An older framework but bare enough for students to learn how to make C.R.U.D. websites using a database. Here students are exposed to server-side programming using C# and get a feel for object-oriented programming all in the, initially daunting, environment of Visual Studio.

  • HTTP-5105 Database Design and Development

    An introductory course into the world of data and SQL. Using Oracle 11g/12c, students learn how to structure and query data in a database. Those skills are later applied to HTTP-5101 Web Application Development 1 as a data source to query / alter from the web application they made. PL/SQL is also covered here and abilities to use this feature are tested with real-world problems.

  • HTTP-5204 Mobile Development

    A continuation of HTTP-5101 to cover advanced topics of fullstack development using MVC methodology in the .NET MVC framework. Students are also immersed into cloud computing using Azure to host their data and web applications.

  • HTTP-5302 Trends in Web Development

    An advanced course exploring the latest tools and techniques used in world of development. As the context suggests, the content of the course depends on the year it was taught. During the 2017-2018 cohort, I covered advanced javascript using TypeScript and Angular as well as RESTful API development for students to share amongst each other.

    Students also bring in mentors from the web industry to give presentations on the various roles involved in web.

    A challenging course synthesizing and testing the abilities acquired throughout the year to demonstrate the capabilities of being a fullstack developer.

  • WDGD-150 Creative Coding

    An introductory course into javascript programming for students studying multimedia and design.