First Steps

Starting Any Project

Opening Visual Studio

When you open Visual Studio you'll be given the opetion to start a new project. Click on it.

Select .Net Application

Select .Net Application

Under the installed tab and under templates, then Visual C#, select Web. Out of the options given to you, select ASP.NET Web Application. At the bottom, create a name and destination. This will create a folder holding everything you need for your project. Click OK.

Create your Project


You'll be shown a selection of templates. Select Empty underneath the ASP.NET 4.5.2 Templates header. Then, check off web forms underneath Add folders and core references for: . This will add all the necessities to make a web form application. Click OK. Visual Studio will now create the project.

Add an Editor

Blank canvas

Right now you don't see an editor on the screen. Don't be alarmed! We're going to add one. In the top menu, click on Project and select Add New Item.

Add a Web Form

Add a web form

Make sure the menu on the left has web selected. It's under Installed > Visual C# > Web. From here, select Web Form. Name the page at the bottom of the window. Click Add.

Solution and Toolbox

Solution and Toolbox

Now you have your editor for the web form page you just created. These are suffixed with .aspx. There are two useful sub windows that should be open: Solution Explorer and Toolbox. If they are not visible, they can be accessed from the View in the top menu. Solution Explorer is usually at the top and toolbox is somewhere near the middle. Or, on Windows, by pressing Ctrl + Alt + L for Solution Explorer and Ctrl + Alt + X for Toolbox.