Lee, a web developer


Here you will find the various projects I've contributed to or authored myself.

Most of my projects can be seen on my Github profile here.

Past Work

Joe Boxer Canada

Joe Boxer Canada website screenshot
About Joe Boxer

Joe Boxer is a premium novelty textiles brand sold in department stores across Canada, notably in Hudson's Bay stores. They specialize in men's and women's undergarments and loungewear.

I was tasked with setting up and implementing their newsletter infrastructure for the purpose of email marketing. Using MailChimp's API, a custom form was developed to conform with the existing site's design. As a result, Joe Boxer is able to sign customers up to their marketing campaigns and determine marketing effectiveness using their existing Shopify infrastructure. Feature is PIPEDA compliant.

Link to Joe Boxer Canada


Shopify, Liquid, Mailchimp, Javascript, SASS, HTML


Tranqool website screenshot
About Tranqool

Tranqool is a remote psychotherapy provider that connects psychotherapists and clients. Therapy sessions are conducted over WebRTC on the website with therapist and client both using their device's web camera and chat window.

I was responsible for maintaining the platform, analyzing user activity using data tools, and implementing new features along the way. Notable features include:

  • Developing an automated pipeline for clients to request an appointment outside of a therapist's schedule.
  • Data visulization of client/therapist activity to analyze company next-steps.
  • AI to match new and existing users with ideal therapy providers.
  • Implementing new frontend design for revamped web platform.

Tranqool is now under HumanaCare.


Apache, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Laravel, Wordpress, Bootstrap, HTML


U-Dimensions website screenshot
About U-Dimensions

U-Dimensions is a start up with a platform to create customizable merchandise catering to the gamers. Companies and gamers can order or customize 3d-printed merchandise from existing 3D files or on the platform itself.

I played a role in developing a methodology, using PHP and ThreeJS, to outline the boundaries of the potential product so the user can see if their design would fit in the 3D printer.


PHP, ThreeJS, Javascript, Drupal


What I work on in my spare time.

DnD5e Companion

A work-in-progress companion website for the tabletop game Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition with a focus on mobile.

The idea came from playing rounds of Dungeons and Dragons interrupted by having to look up references in the only physical book among multiple players. Creating this companion allows each player to have reference material ready at hand on their phone without downloading an app.

Using dnd5eapi as a data source, this project was made using Angular as a means to keep up to date with the framework and keeping up to date with TypeScript. The project started out in Angular 6 and was upgraded to Angular 7. You can follow its development here.

Link to live resource

Link to git repository

Link to dnd5eapi


You might be here because you were one of my former students or are a current student but need supplemental material to help you learn. I am no longer teaching but feel free to contact me if you have questions about this material. Below are the accompanying materials for HTTP 5101 Web Application Development (ASP.NET Web Forms) and HTTP 5204 Mobile Development (.NET MVC).

HTTP 5101 Web Application Development (2017, 2018)

A crash course with screenshots on making a basic web application using ASP.NET Web Forms with an Oracle database. Here you will get familiar with Visual Studio and object oriented programming using C#.

Link to the official ASP.NET Web Forms resource.

HTTP 5204 Mobile Development

Despite the course name this resource does not cover mobile development (iOS/Android). Browse through the "manual" and "automatic" branches as a step-by-step guide on making a fullstack web application using the ASP.NET MVC framework.

Link to the official ASP.NET MVC resource.